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The trainings will be carried out in co-operation with the association of applied thermography (VATh) and the Austrian Association for Thermography (ÖGfTh).



On the basis of the Level 1 training course and basic information on heat transfer, radiation physics and temperature measurement, in the fundamentals module the student’s knowledge of IR device engineering and IR measurement techniques will be reinforced. The writing of work instructions and reports of test finalize the content of the training. Special knowledge of the objects will be given in the training part “sectors “.

This part can be booked independently from the general training.

Please note that the object analysis section of the course is only carried out at the course venues stated in each case:

- Construction (B): Rostock, Eugendorf (including blower door measurement system)

- Electrical engineering (E): Hattingen (including the European CFPA Fire Protection Guideline, a German VdS guideline)

- Industry (I): Rostock (including ISO 18436)



- Basics thermography (theory)    2 days
- Exam General part       ½ day


Specific knowledge        3 days   

Building (B) – exam       ½ day

Specific Part


Specific knowledge         3 days

Electro (E) CFPA-exam    ½ day

Specific Part


Specific knowledge        3 days   

Industry (I)                   ½ day

Specific Part


* The training content and the exam covers the respective requirements of the European Guideline CPFA as well as the VdS guideline.


Equipment needed:/please bring it with you:

IT camera

Tongs for electricity

External monitor

Start of the IT2E – specific part is on the second day at 15.00 pm


Participants and conditions:

This training course addresses persons who are qualified skilled employees or have had similar training; they must have 3 months’ professional experience, have attended a Level 1 training course and have a further 4 weeks of professional experience.



Training course with 1 “object/specimen analysis” module: (5 days) €1,690.–

Fundamentals module: (2 days) €660.–

Each “object/specimen analysis” module: (3 days) €990.–

Examination + certificate + certification card: (1 day) €680.–*

Examination + certificate + certification card: (1/2 day) €340.–**


* Fees for examination in the fundamentals module and in one object/specimen analysis module
** Fees for examination either in the fundamentals module or in one object/specimen analysis module


Kurs-Nr. Schulung Praktikum Prüfung Veranstalter, Ort Buchen