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Friday 27. of March 2020
Hard times...

Hard times...


Yeah, it's a tough time. Mrs. Merkel said it was "the hardest time since World War II". It gave us goose bumps.

In this time it is important to stick together and to interrupt the chain of infection if possible.

We as a company must save money now and make sure that we survive. We will also try to do this through short-time work, which we will start in week 13. Nevertheless we have running costs. Therefore we hope that you will remain loyal to us as customers and ask you (yes, this is actually a personal request) to book our courses again after the government has lifted the training ban. This is the only way we, VECTOR TUB GmbH / VECTOR NDT Training, can survive this hard time.


You can reach us by phone and e-mail. However, due to the short-time work it may be that a call cannot be accepted immediately. Please have understanding for this.


The entire staff of VECTOR TUB GmbH would like to thank you.

Stay healthy!


The management

Markus-F. Hagen


The head of the training and examination centre

Dominik Gralke


(PS: current news follows)